Key Details

With SkylightPayCard, you can take advantage of several services and benefits. Nonetheless, if you are wondering how these services work and how the card works, then this article will answer all your questions.


Users of SkylightPayCard can access various benefits, including direct deposit, online shopping, and balance checks. Details about some of our services are listed below:

Direct Deposit: Adding money to your Netspend Prepaid Card account by direct deposit is convenient. A direct deposit can include paychecks, benefits such as Social Security and pensions, tax refunds, veteran’s benefits, and supplemental security income.

Mobile Check Load: You can load checks directly to your Card Account when it suits you without the hassle of waiting in line. You can begin spending the funds once the Card Account is funded. Simply take some pictures, and there you go.

Send Money: Using Netspend cards, you can send money to friends and family or receive money from them. Netspend Cardholders, including ACE Elite, Control, and Purpose Cardholders, can send and receive funds between each other. 

Anytime Alerts: You can customize your preferences to receive alerts only when you want them — no more, no less. There is the option to send alerts daily, weekly, or with each transaction, and they include: 

  • Individual transaction details
  • Received deposits
  • Declined transactions
  • Budget notifications


Cashback Rewards: With Netspend Cashback Rewards, you can earn cashback on some of your everyday purchases. More offers will be emailed to you for Cashback Rewards the more you use the program. The best part is that participation is free. Experiencing rewards is easy! Just pick offers from your Account Center and watch them pile up! 

Referral Program: Whenever you refer a friend who activates their new Netspend Prepaid Card and loads at least $40, you both receive a $20 credit. Your friends and family can transfer money to you or send money to you using instant cardholder transfers after getting their Netspend cards. Since this is not a credit card, there are no interest charges or late fees. It is, therefore, safe to refer your friends.