SkylightPaycard is an official Skylight Prepaid Card offered by Netspend through the Skylight PayOption service, which is designed to aid employers in making payroll paperless for employees and make employment a convenient experience for both. Prepaid cards from Paperless Payroll are an excellent tool for managing money.


SkylightPayCard Login account services are offered to individuals who prefer to pay at stores, gas stations, and even restaurants using a SkylightPayCard. Regardless of their preferred payment method, cardholders can use Visa, Mastercard, or their bank accounts to pay online or by phone. The official app lets users access their funds wherever they are in an ultimately safer manner without waiting in long lines for checks or even visiting the bank premises.

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You can access the funds available in your account directly by logging on to the official website from anywhere in the world. Therefore, you can conveniently use your Visa or MasterCard debit card wherever they are accepted.

Your SkylightPayCard is not a credit card. It is a prepaid card that gives you access to both permanent and temporary cards with available funds. In the mail, you’ll receive personalized cards sent to the address you provided when you registered.

Steps To Login Into Your Account

After you create your Netspend SkylightPaycard account, you can log in at any time to verify your card account, view transaction history, pay bills, and more. The login procedure for the Netspend card portal is as follows:


  • To access the Skylight ONE online account centre, customers need to go to the official site,, and click the “Login” link in the middle.
  • To access the Login portal, enter the username and password that cardholders created while registering.
  • Account-holders can save their login information by selecting the “Remember Username” tab in order to access the portal much more easily later by using the same device.
  • Log in to the online SkylightPayCard Login account by clicking the “Login” tab.

Account-holders could easily access their accounts if their login credentials matched those in the official server. Users have authorized access to the SkylightPayCard Login Account, which can be used for the following purposes:

  • Verify the payment details.
  • Receiving and acknowledging account reports.
  • Easily access your stored accounts anytime and send funds, transactions, or deposits.
  • Using the capital transfer feature, you can transfer funds from one cardholder to another.
  • With easy online budgeting tools, you can make the last payment and save for the future.
  • Using the billing directory, you can quickly pay your bills online.

Resetting Your Account Password

  • The password reset procedure is very similar to the username recovery procedure.
  • On the Netspend SkylightPayCard Account Login Page, click the “password” link next to “forgot your username” below the “Login” button, and enter the Primary Cardholder’s Username and Email Address.
  • You’ll need to follow the instructions on this screen to create a new password for your online account when you click the “Continue” button.

Steps To Register An Account On The Portal

Your Skylight One Card must be activated and verified as soon as you become a NetSpend Skylight One Cardholder. Your card will come with activation and identity verification instructions on the back when you receive it through the mail. In addition, you can also register your card or activate it following the steps listed below:

  • Visit
  • You will find the blue ‘Activate/Register’ button on the homepage.
  • Click on that button, and a registration/activation page will appear.
  • You will need to enter the “Card Number” and “Security Code” from the back of your Skylight One Card on the next page.
  • In the next section, enter the SSN of 4 digits as well as the birth date and other requested information.
  • Following the completion of all the fields, the user will need to click Next to complete the registration process.
  • The next step is to create an online profile, complete the registration process, and activate the SkylightPayCard.

Skylight PayCard Activation Guide

The Skylight ONE PayOptions Program allows employees to activate their SkylightPaycard online. You can initiate the activation process by following the steps below:


  • To activate/register, please visit Click the “Activate/Register” button located in the middle of the page.
  • You can also activate your account directly at
  • In the respective field, enter the 16-digit Card Number from your card.
  • In the following field, enter the security code from the back of your card.
  • Verify your identity by clicking the “Continue” button.

To activate your Netspend Skylight ONE Visa or MasterCard Prepaid Card, complete the verification process according to the onscreen instructions.

How To Check Your Card Balance?

There are many options for you to check your SkylightPaycard Balance. You can use the most suitable method to check your card balance. Here are some ways to check your card balance:

  1. Call 1-877-814-7679 and follow the instructions (available in English and Spanish) to check your card balance.
  2. Activate a new card or register for online access by going to and clicking “Login.” If you haven’t registered yet, click “Activate New Card or Register for Online Access.”.
  3. For iOS and Android, you can download the Skylight ONE Mobile Banking App. Create a username and password by visiting and registering.
  4. Send ‘BAL’ to 22622 to receive balance information. You must be signed up for Anytime Alerts. Sign up for Anytime Alerts by visiting, clicking Login, and then clicking ‘Anytime Alerts’ or ‘Manage Alerts.’ You will be guided through the process.
  5. Using an ATM, you can make a balance check. There are fees associated with this service. You can find information about fees in your Cardholder Agreement.
Official NameSkylightPayCard
Credit CheckNot Required
Portal AccessOnline

You can withdraw funds from your card anytime.

  • The Skylight One Cardholder has access to 100% of their wages.
  • Visa and Master Card members can withdraw money from more than 122,000 banks.
  • The Skylight Check allows cardholders to access their funds in cash at over 8800 locations without paying a fee.

What Are The Portal Features?

The Skylight Paycard offers several valuable features that allow users to manage their accounts safely and take control of their finances. Below are some examples:

Anytime Alerts: This NetSpend Skylight One Card feature keeps your account at all times up-to-date. You will receive an email or text message alert whenever there is an activity in your account. The system can send an alert every day, every week, or when an individual transaction is received, declined, or exceeded by the budget. You can choose your preferences by selecting the option “Flexible Selection” and select the alerts you want to receive.


Pay Bills Online: Rather than standing in line, buying a money order, or sending it by mail, users can pay their bills online through their paycard.

Payback Reward: At participating merchants, users can earn cashback by using a surcharge-free ATM to make purchases.

Benefits Offered By The Portal

SkylightPayCard is an excellent choice in the lineup of genuine prepaid cards for users who are sick of conventional checks and don’t have a bank account to deposit the payment right away.

Regardless of the creditworthiness or functional requirements, anyone can apply for Skylight Prepaid Cards. Once the Skylight PayCard is activated as a prepaid card, users will be automatically added to the Skylight PayOptions program. There are numerous benefits of using the skylight portal. Some of those benefits are discussed below:

Simple & Fast: The SkylightPayCard no longer requires cardholders to wait to receive payments. Skylight’s account contains all the available funds, and these can be accessed easily.

Flexible: Skylight ONE can be used to access money at more than one million ATMs in the US and around the world, or at a Visa or MasterCard member bank by name or, if specified, by Visa or MasterCard. With official login portal, users can also access their salaries effortlessly through Skylight.

Affordable: The Skylight Pay Card enables users to avoid the cost of checks and money orders. Nevertheless, account prices depend on how much users have spent on their accounts. In restaurants, shops, online, or by phone, the Skylight ONE Card can be used with no monthly fees.

SkylightPayCard-BenefitsInsurance: In the event, users lose their cards, the firm makes it much easier for them to replace them. New users are entitled to a free replacement card each year. Additionally, the funds are transferred into an FDIC-insured bank.

Universal: There is also an app that allows you to access the same services as the portal. Users can obtain a second card to send funds to family and friends abroad. Additionally, secondary cardholders can withdraw cash from ATMs, sign acquisitions with their cards, and withdraw money from ATMs.

Simple: Managing all your funds is hassle-free, coupled with a variety of online benefits. You can even view your paycard balance and account transactions at any time.

Automated phone system: You can receive your card balance updates by SMS or email even when signing up for account updates.

Official Login Portal – User Acknowledgement

There will be no charges for ATM and point of sale purchases that the buyer or operator of the ATM (POS) or point of sale terminal (ATM) may be charged independently of the transaction. Surcharges will be applied after acceptance of the charge by Skylight PayCard, and they must be obtained. In particular, ATM transactions on all points of the network can be made without incurring additional fees.

ACE Cash Express and Walmart branches both offer Skylight Checks for free at their branches. Skylight Checks services are also provided at any bank in the country. The company charges 3.5% of the dollar amount of a foreign transaction changed in US dollars. This includes withdrawals from ATMs, online purchases, subscriptions, and phone or mail orders made in foreign countries.

Funds are exchanged in local currency. When a foreign transaction is posted to a cardholder’s account, the amount will be shown purely in US dollars. However, standard rates or additional carrier fees may apply for receiving text notifications, and users can contact Customer Service for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of ordering a Netspend card?

There is no charge for ordering and activating a Netspend card. Once you activate the card, you can choose from a variety of fee plans. On the official Netspend website, you can view the fee plans and other costs associated with the card.

When will I be able to receive my direct deposit?

Netspend gives you access to your funds as soon as they are electronically deposited to your card account, which may take up to 2 days longer than you expect. For electronic direct deposits to be credited to your card account, your card must be active (i.e., a purchase, load, or cash withdrawal occurred, or a balance inquiry fee was incurred over a 90-day period) and in good standing. When processing a direct deposit, the name associated with the direct deposit must match the name associated with the card account. There are limits on card loads. A comparison of traditional banking policies and direct deposit reveals that electronic direct deposit is more convenient.

If my card is lost or stolen, what should I do?

You should contact Customer Service right away at our toll-free number, 1-866-387-7363. Alternatively, you can register for an Online Account Center to report your lost or stolen card. On the main navigation, select My Account > My Prepaid Cards > Report Card Lost/Stolen. Additionally, you will be able to order new cards.

Closing Remarks

SkylightPayCard Customer Service may moreover restrict the number, type, or dollar amount of transactions that users are permitted to make, as well as suspend the account’s use or Skylight PayCard altogether for protection and administrative reasons.

The card determines the highest cost by aggregating the value and activity of any registered account that the user registered. Whether or not users are the first SkylightPayCard cardholders, their accounts are also administered or managed by Skylight Financial, Inc. or NetSpend Corporation.

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