SkylightPaycard is a prepaid card provided by Netspend. It is also important to note that this is not a credit card. Unlike a credit card, this will not affect or improve your credit score. In addition to receiving cashback rewards, you’ll also receive personalized offers for qualifying purchases.


To activate your card, you must verify your identity as a new owner of a NetSpend SkylightPaycard. As soon as you receive your card in the mail, you will receive instructions for activating the card and verifying your identity.

Frequently Asked Questions – SkylightPayCard

Upon receiving my card, what do I do?

Activate your card as soon as it arrives. Your card will arrive with printed instructions for activation and identity verification. Follow them carefully.

How can I find out how much money I have in my account?

You can see your balance, your deposits, and your transaction history by signing into your Online Account Center for free. You may also enroll in Anytime Alerts to receive a text message every time you make a purchase with your card account balance. If you’ve opted into Anytime Alerts, you can text the letters BAL to 22622 at any time to receive your account balance. If you would like to check your balance for a fee of $0.50, you may call our toll-free number 1-866-387-7363 or use a participating ATM.

What’s the procedure for disputing a merchant’s charge?

For dispute resolution, please call our toll-free number 1-866-387-7363 or fill out the online form.

  • To get started, log in to your Online Account Center.
  • Start the dispute process by selecting ‘Help’ and then ‘File a Dispute’ from the main menu.
  • To access this online service, you will need your PIN

Is it possible to use prepaid debit cards online?

Netspend cards can be used anywhere Debit Mastercard or Visa debit cards are accepted, including online, in stores, and over the phone.